Job done in Co.Westmeath

We recently completed a fencing project in Co. Westmeath, showcasing our expertise in delivering high-quality and durable fencing solutions. This project involved the installation of robust gate and fence posts, line posts, gravel boards, and wood panels, designed to enhance both the security and aesthetic appeal of the property.

Project Details:

  • Gate and Fence Posts: 210x210x1800mm
  • Line Posts: 170x170x1800mm
  • Gravel Board: 70x300x2830mm
  • Wood Panels: 70x1500x2810mm

This installation demonstrates our commitment to precision and quality, ensuring that each component fits perfectly and performs reliably. The gate and fence posts provide strong structural support, while the line posts ensure stability across the length of the fence. The gravel boards protect the wood panels from ground moisture, extending the lifespan of the fence. The wood panels, measuring 70x1500x2810mm, offer a sturdy and attractive barrier, enhancing both privacy and property value.

We take pride in our work and are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our clients, delivering fencing solutions that combine functionality with an aesthetically pleasing design.

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